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Comparison of silicon and quartz

The traditional quartz crystal is composed of piezoelectric quartz with simple composition of vibration chip and metal package, its production process includes: cutting quartz silver -- buy base -- vibration chip, and the chip with special quartz and viscose combined as the base, and then filling nitrogen, sealed with metal package. The generation of different frequency and different working voltage oscillator is decided by the different shapes of the quartz, the thickness of the silver plate and the starting chip. Therefore, from the point of view of the production process, the quartz industry is a labor-intensive semi automation of traditional industries, its products are also subject to the limitations of traditional raw materials and processes:

1 complex processes cause prolonged delivery time and shortage of emergency difficult phenomenon;

2 different oscillator specifications require different raw materials and different processes, so that the lack of flexibility of the product, can not meet the needs of different applications and real-time configuration;

3 piezoelectric quartz on the high temperature sensitivity of the characteristics of the quartz oscillator caused by the temperature drift trouble;

4 quartz fragile afraid to fall into the weakness of aging need to rely on the production process and quality management to solve, lack of consistency of quality and long-term reliability.

The electronic system manufacturers in order to fundamentally solve the inherent weakness of quartz, so the clock component material to silicon MEMS oscillator. Different from the traditional quartz oscillator, MEMS oscillator using the product structure of silicon, a silicon MEMS resonator and a programmable Analog chip CMOS driver stack, and the standard QFN IC complete package.

Compared with the traditional quartz, all silicon MEMS oscillator, whether from the production process or component design structure, are more in line with the standards of modern electronic products, but also the upgrading of traditional quartz products.

* high performance analog temperature compensation technology to make full silicon MEMS oscillator with excellent full temperature and frequency stability, completely remove the temperature drift problem;

* programmable platform provides the necessary flexibility for system design and shortening the development cycle of new products;

* perfect semiconductor production chain allows full silicon MEMS delivery period is shortened, and enhance the demand for emergency capability;

* IC structure of automatic production are above suspicion doubt in quality and reliability excellent consistency.