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SiT1630 RTC 32.768K clock


  • Small SMD package: 2.0 x 1.2 mm (2012)
  • Ultra-low power: 1.0 μA (type)
  • Internal VDD supply filtering eliminates external bypass caps
  • < 20 PPM frequency tolerance
  • < 300 ms start-up time (25°C)


The SiT1630 ultra-small, ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillator is optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. This family is a low power alternative to existing 32 kHz oscillators and its 1.5V to 3.63V operating supply voltage range make it an ideal solution for mobile and handheld applications.


  • Tablets
  • e-Readers
  • Sport Video Camcorders
  • Industrial and Automotive

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